Sam Sorbo

Sam Sorbo is a Hollywood actress, international fashion model, nationally syndicated radio show host, film producer, and author. After studying biomedical engineering at Duke University, Sam pursued a career as an international fashion model, which afforded her the opportunity to travel extensively and learn foreign languages. Fluent in Swedish, French, Italian and German, she embarked on her successful acting career. On Hercules: The Legendary Journeys she met Kevin, who swept her off her feet. They married in 1998. Together, the Sorbos produced the highly successful, much acclaimed Let There Be Light in 2017. Their comedy, Miracle in East Texas, is due out in 2022. Sam is a passionate advocate for parental autonomy and home education, or “self-teaching,” and the Sorbos have three teenagers they home educate.

Sam’s TV show about how to solve the education dilemma, School’s Out with Sam Sorbo, airs Mondays on Her most recent book, Words for Warriors, delves into the hijacking of our language by a Leftist movement dead-set on proclaiming itself as God. The book attained #1 on Amazon status shortly after launch earlier this year.

Sam’s other books include:

  • They’re YOUR Kids: My Journey from Self-Doubter to Homeschool Advocate
  • Teach from Love: A Schoolyear Devotional for Families
  • Share the Light: 40 Devotions to Change the World
  • True Faith: Embracing Adversity to Live in God’s Light

Sam understands the cultural shift taking place in our country. She is an energetic activist for the family, the primary target for those who disdain America and the freedom this nation represents. She speaks across the country on education, culture, politics, and religion. She has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, and One America News, and writes for news outlets like Epoch Times, National Review, Breitbart, and Fox News, pushing back against the tainted culture promoted in our public schools, movies, music and video games. She uses her public speaking, radio and TV shows, films, and books to highlight issues and then empower others to fully engage with and improve the world around them.

Kevin Sorbo

“Miracle in East Texas”, a Comedy based on a true story set in 1930 was another movie Sorbo directed/acted in. Movie release is scheduled for Spring, 2023. Movie also stars John Ratzenberger, Lou Gossett, Jr., and Sam Sorbo.

Sorbo also produced/narrated the documentary, “Against the Tide” that follows the career of Oxford math professor John Lennox in his life-long apologist debates against the world’s most famous atheists like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens. Shot on location in Oxford and Israel. Another documentary he narrates released in 2021 is “Before the Wrath” which chronicles the Book of Revelation and was the number one documentary on Amazon for five months.

The major motion picture, “Reagan”, with Dennis Quaid playing the late President with Sorbo has his pastor will release in the Summer of 2023.

Principle filming just completed this past November/December of 2021 for the next “Left Behind: Rise of the Anti-Christ” movie with Sorbo directing and acting in the movie based off the Jenkins/LaHaye award winning books. Theatrical release was on January 26, 2023, in 1400 screens.

Also releasing in the Summer of 2023 is the documentary, Eating With the Enemy. Sorbo narrates this interesting look at The Last Supper and the 12 disciples. He also narrated the documentaries, Climate Hustle 2, The Pat Robertson Story, and Exodus: Patterns of Evidence.

Kevin released his memoir “True Strength: My Journey from Hercules to Mere Mortal and How Nearly Dying Saved My Life”. The book chronicles his near-death experience when he suffered three strokes and the battle back to regain his life. He also co-wrote the follow up book, “True Faith, Embracing Adversity to Live in God’s Light”, with his wife, Sam.

Upcoming movies shot in 2022 for a 2023/24 release include, Cuisine de ‘Pocolypse, The Zombie Movie, Revelation, The Waving Man, and the documentary, The Quest for the Throne.

Kevin Sorbo

Dr. Ron Wexler

Ron Wexler is the principal owner of Heritage Study Programs, Inc., an educational organization (established in 1984) based in Florida and Israel. Ron is also the director of the Poland Jewish Heritage Peoplehood Program for Jewish Life & Culture. In addition to being the brainchild and president of the Judeo-Christian D.C. initiative—Ten Commandments Commission, a non-profit organization 501(c) formed in the spring of 2005.

Ron was born and educated in Israel, and has served in the Israel Defense Force during the Six-Day War of 1967 and the Yom Kippur War of 1973. His Yeshiva studies (Rabbinical School), and later on his research work on early Christianity, provided him with a unique perspective on Jewish and Christian issues. He is internationally known for his extensive projects and teachings that promote unity and reconciliation among Jews and Gentiles.

Ron produces special thematic events and productions associated with the Judeo-Christian calendar. These events include biblical re-enactments (dramas) performed on location in Israel. In 1994, Ron produced and reinstated the Feast of Pentecost celebrations which are now official annual events supported by the Municipality of Jerusalem and the Government of Israel Tourist Office.

His vision of unity, harmony, and reconciliation among Jews and Gentiles has received the blessings of the international religious community. Through Ron's efforts, thousands have been touched with a new appreciation, respect, and tolerance for the differences in the way people observe their faiths.

Tom Trento

Tom Trento is one of the leading academic activists in the United States. A highly skilled debater and dynamic public speaker, Tom frequently goes toe to toe with Muslim Brotherhood representatives exposing their radical agenda to the public and elected officials. Mr. Trento with earned degrees in Law Enforcement and Philosophy and Theology was awarded the The Carnegie Hero Medal Award for saving a man from a burning car.

Mr. Trento has traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe lecturing and exposing Islamic violence and infiltration in government, law enforcement and academic institutions. He is one of the co-authors of Shariah: The Threat To America and appears frequently on major media outlets and talk shows as an authority on Islamic ideology.